Pastor’s Page

Stu Print – Pastor, Wellington South Baptist Church – BAppTheolstu

I am 45 years old, married to Michelle and have two kids. I love sport and play rugby for the Poneke Presidents Team. I also have an interest in Sport as Mission and help coach both the St Catherine’s College 1st XV and the a Poneke Junior Team. I have trained as a sports chaplain, but have not yet utilised these skills formally. I enjoy watching movies and listening to contemporary music.

As a minister, I enjoy journeying with people as they wrestle with and grow in their own faith journeys. I believe in a God who is powerful enough to bring hope, meaning, comfort and confidence to life amidst changing circumstances. I want to share the love and grace God has revealed to me, with others, that they might find healing and be whole.

One important principle is that God created every human person with equal value. Therefore, I am willing to stand passionately against any prejudice or discrimination. I believe the local church should be a united community of diverse people which values difference.

I love theology (or the art of thinking about God). In 2013 I began a Master’s of Applied Theology. I find the study and thought process stimulating.