2018 Computer Fixit Day


Fix your computer for free day – Saturday September 1.

Due to the cost of repairs to home computers, our church will offer free repairs for this month. This is an annual event that is in its seventh year, and is designed to help people who can’t afford computer repairs.

On Saturday September 1st in Island Bay, IT-qualified church members will be on hand at the church to fix your computer software problems for free, during “Computer Fixit Day”. This is open to anyone who has problems with their computer – you do not have to be a church-goer to take advantage of this free service.

The hours are 9am – 3pm and you only need to bring along the computer “box” – not the screen, keyboard, mouse or cables (unless you are having an issue with one of those items). If bringing a laptop don’t forget the charger.

Computer engineers will attempt to rid your computer of viruses and spyware, and will install a totally free anti-virus package for you if you wish. This is like a free tune-up for your computer.

All expertise and software will be free. It is only if you have a hardware problem where the engineers will try to diagnose the issue and can advise you, but they will not have any spare parts on hand to fix this type of problem.

Organiser for the event, Fred Alvrez, says that if you wish you can simply tell them what is wrong and leave your computer with the crew. “You do not need to stay around and wait for it to be repaired,” he said. “Just tell us what’s wrong, leave your computer with us, and all going well it will be sorted by the end of the day.” There will be coffee and tea on hand if you do wish to wait, he added.

Fred says there is the definite possibility of being over-run with computers to fix, so repairs will be on a first come-first served basis, but an attempt will be made to help anyone who brings their sick computer along.

For more info, contact the Wellington South Baptist church office on 3836 888 or email us here.

Wellington South Baptist Church is located at 284 The Parade, Island Bay.